Although the world of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is filled with great loot, including amazing enchanted armor, it's a pretty good idea to also try and invest a few perks into the Enchanting skill tree. Through this skill three, the player will pretty much be able to create their very own custom-made enchanted gear, with just the enchantments they want.

With well over thirty different enchantments available for gear, the choice can be a bit difficult. There are no wrong choices, as each character will have their own specialization, but there are a few that are incredibly powerful and recommended for the most generic Skyrim characters.

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Updated on August 24th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: With Skyrim's 10th-year anniversary edition coming out, it's safe to once again reiterate just how iconic and important Skyrim is as a game. Even years after, it continues to fascinate and inspire fans, who continuously return to it.

With players getting back to Skyrim once more, interest for good gear, enchantments, and other tips is on the rise. Because of this, a few additional great enchantments have been added to the list to help players decide what best suits their gear and character build.

20 Fortify Lockpicking

  • Applicable To: Head, Hands, Amulets, Rings

During the Dragonborn's adventures in Skyrim, they'll come across their fair share of locked chests and containers. There's nothing more infuriating than being faced with an impossibly hard lock that takes all of the player's lockpicks after multiple failures. Thankfully, Fortify Lockpicking is an enchantment that can help with this issue.

It's an enchantment that suits any character build, though the reason it ranks the lowest here is because Lockpicking as a skill will naturally develop quite quickly on most character builds, given the number of chests players have to pick. The real reason Fortify Lockpicking is good is mainly its ability to save players time making the picking easier and sparing them from wasting lockpicks.


19 Fortify Sneak

  • Applicable To: Hands, Feet, Amulets, Rings

Not to be confused with the Muffle effect, Fortify Sneak simply improves the wearer's Sneak ability. It has nothing to do with moving more quietly. It simply lets the Dragonborn remain undetected for longer periods of time, as they would with a much higher Sneak skill.

Again, this enchantment is a bit more niche, but not by any means bad. In fact, it's absolutely fantastic when paired with stealth character builds that rely on extremely high Sneak ability to perform in combat.

18 Fortify Alchemy

Skyrim character performing alchemy
  • Applicable To: Head, Hands, Amulets, Rings

Alchemy might be something beginners or newcomers might consider useless, but it's actually a skill tree that has become more powerful and important in the Skyrim community as years have gone by. As such, the Fortify Alchemy enchantment is really not a terrible option, if the character build the player chooses relies on it.

That said, it's probably best to not put this enchantment on any main gear a character might have since there are overall just far better options out there. However, having one piece of gear with Fortify Alchemy at hand for potion-making, in particular, can be a good idea.

17 Resist Shock/Fire/Frost

Skyrim mage casting frost spell
  • Applicable To: Feet, Shields, Amulets, Rings

The three elements of Skyrim are common in most encounters players can expect to face while adventuring. While it depends largely on the type of enemies the Dragonborn faces, having a few pieces of gear with elemental resistance of any type on it is generally a good idea.

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That said, it's also a bit redundant, given how easily most of these elements can be countered with alchemy potions. If a powerful boss is using Fire spells, it's best to just prepare Resist Fire potions rather than wear Resist Fire gear. The cost of it is just way smaller since players will save up on Soul Gems for better enchantments. Ultimately, however, it's a bit of a preference question, and elemental resistance is never an entirely bad idea either.

16 Muffle

Skyrim assassin cutting enemy's throat
  • Applicable To: Feet

Though its ranking might be low, Muffle is actually an incredibly good enchantment to have. The only reason why it doesn't deserve a spot much higher is because it is a bit niche compared to some other enchantments on this list. That said, it's immensely powerful and a necessity in some character builds.

Muffle basically allows the player to move in complete silence, which makes stealth characters ridiculously overpowered. There are a few unique items in the game with this enchantment that are worth getting solely because of this.

15 Fortify One-Handed

Skryim character
  • Applicable To: Hands, Feet, Amulets, Rings

One-handed builds are some of the most popular choices among players due to the versatility they bring along. It allows the creation of half-mage half-warrior characters for players who can't quite decide whether to go for a full mage or full warrior build.

As such, adding Fortify One-Handed to your enchanted armor is a great idea. It can be added to hands, feet and any amulet or ring. Overall, it's a nice boost to a player's primary combat ability and one that shouldn't be ignored.

14 Fortify Health

Player using a Restoration spell
  • Applicable To: Chest, Shields, Amulets, Rings

When it comes to healing and overall health, Fortify Health isn't the best possible option since it simply increases the character's maximum health. When in a fight, it's much better to have potions and gear that fortify the regeneration of health. That being said, for tanky characters, this is still a pretty good option.

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Fortify Health can be added to any chest piece, shield, amulet, or ring. Moreover, it's found on a few unique items scattered around Skyrim, namely the Amulet of Arkay which can be found pretty commonly in the wild, as well as in the shield of Ysgramor found at the end of the Companions guild quest.

13 Resist Poison

Skyrim Poison bottle
  • Applicable To: Chest, Shields, Amulets, Rings

Poisons aren't a majorly annoying thing in Skyrim, but they can be a real headache when the effects are chained from multiple targets like spiders. Resist poison can be added to any chest piece, shield, amulet and ring as you please.

There are some very powerful unique armors and pieces that provide this effect as well, namely the Ancient Shrouded Armor which gives the player 100% resistance to any poison. The Hevnoraak dragon priest mask also provides this protection, but a simple Shrouded Armor or the Savior's Hide gives a decent 50% resistance.

12 Fortify Light Armor

Light Armor
  • Applicable To: Chest, Hands, Amulets, Rings

Light armor shouldn't be ignored. It allows the player to stay light and quick on their feet, while still providing a bit of protection. Archers, namely stealth archers or otherwise stealthier characters will greatly benefit from any light armor buffs.

Fortify Light Armor can be put on any chest and hand armor piece, as well as rings and amulets. It buffs the general light armor skill rating for the player, and due to how versatile light armor is it's a fantastic option for a number of builds.

11 Fortify Archery

Skyrim Female Archer
  • Applicable To: Head, Hands, Amulets, Rings

Archers are a favorite among a lot of Skyrim players and for a good reason. It's easy to take down enemies from afar and deal tons of damage with a powerful bow and poisonous arrows. It's no wonder the stealth archer is consistently a favorite build for a multitude of players.

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Due to this, Fortify Archery is an incredibly powerful enchantment and a must-have for any archer type of character. It can be put on head and hand gear, as well as amulets and rings. Unique items found in the wild that have this include the Ancient Shrouded Cowl, the Krosis dragon priest mask, and the Gauntlets of the Old Gods.

10 Resist Disease

  • Applicable To: Chest, Shields, Amulets, Rings

Diseases are just one small aspect of the game that can be a bit annoying to deal with. While they won't kill the player or make them completely bedridden for days, they do inflict the Dragonborn with some incredibly powerful negative modifiers that should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

This is why having Resist Disease on an armor piece isn't a bad idea, as the player won't have to use Cure Disease potions or seek out a healer in a city. It's more for convenience.

9 Fortify Carry Weight

  • Applicable To: Hands, Feet, Amulets, Rings

Another convenient enchantment is without a doubt Fortify Carry Weight. Although Carry Weight does get adjusted with each point that's dedicated to Stamina by the player, sometimes players might want to use their points on other attributes, which results in their carrying weight being extremely low.

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Anyone knows an adventure in Skyrim is usually rich in loot, sometimes rather heavy loot. It's why this bonus on a piece of gear is a fantastic quality of life improvement for any hoarding Dragonborns.

8 Fortify Smithing

  • Applicable To: Chest, Hands, Amulets, Rings

Players that really care about making money and building up experience quickly will want to invest in enchantments like Fortify Smithing. It will increase the Smithing skill of the wearer, allowing for the creation of better quality items.

Not only is this great for leveling up, but it's also amazing for any player who loves making their own gear and generally works well in combo for those who already have Enchantment leveled up a bit too.

7 Fortify Destruction

  • Applicable To: Head, Chest, Amulets, Rings

There's a variety of different schools of magic that players can choose from when making a mage character, but the fact is that when it comes to killing, the most efficient school is the school of Destruction.

Fortify Destruction will basically increase the Destruction skill of its wearer and make them even more powerful, no matter which elemental Destruction spell they've chosen to cast.

6 Fortify Magicka Regen

  • Applicable To: Head, Chest, Rings

Another aspect for mages of Skyrim to consider is their Magicka pool, which will pretty much determine how much they can afford to cast spells in combat. The larger the pool, the better, especially for players who rely on spells exclusively for survival.

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Alternatively, players can also invest in a Fortify Magicka Regen enchantment, which boosts the rate at which Magicka actually regenerates, which removes some of the disadvantages of having a small Magicka pool.

5 Resist Magic

  • Applicable To: Shields, Amulets, Rings

Most of the gear in Skyrim will have some type of elemental resistance, which isn't a bad thing. As Frost and Fire are the most powerful types of elemental magic, it's usually a good idea to go for such resistances.

However, if the choice is too hard, Resist Magic is a fantastic enchantment that will work against all kinds of magic, including the powers used by dragons. This is an enchantment that will serve any character well, no matter the build.

4 Fortify Two-Handed

  • Applicable To: Hands, Feet, Amulets, Rings

One of the most popular builds in Skyrim is that of a heavy attacker, a tanky character able to dish out tons of damage with a two-handed weapon. While their attack speed might be slower compared to other weapon users, the damage they dish out is absolutely massive.

This becomes even more relevant if Fortify Two-Handed is put on a piece of gear, as it can bump up the damage done from two-handed weapons up to 50% more.

3 Fortify Heavy Armor

  • Applicable To: Chest, Hands, Amulets, Rings

Damage and resistance are great, but one should never forget about their armor. Although the type of armor enchantment the player should go for generally depends on what kind of build they're favoring, heavy armor is a great option for anyone fearing massive damage at close range.

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Fortify Heavy Armor will fortify the armor rating by 25 points at its maximum level 6 of enchantment, making it a pretty solid addition to the arsenal of any heavy armor fanatic.

2 Fortify Stamina Regen

  • Applicable To: Chest, Feet, Amulets, Rings

Stamina is an attribute that is often overlooked by players. This is because many fail to understand why it's so important in a pinch. Not only does Stamina allow the player to displace themselves quicker by running around longer, but it also lets them perform powerful attacks on enemies.

These attacks drain a lot of Stamina when used, but enchanting a piece of gear with Fortify Stamina Regen increases its rate of regeneration. This is especially vital for those with a small Stamina pool.

1 Fortify Healing Rate

  • Applicable To: Chest, Amulets, Rings

Magicka and Stamina aside, at the end of the day, it all comes down to health. Healing potions, food, and Restoration magic are the primary ways of pumping health into a character in a pinch, but their importance can be reduced if the basic regeneration rate of a character is improved.

Fortify Healing Rate is the best addition a player can make to any armor set. Any character and build will benefit from it, as it can make even a small health pool last longer.

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