Halo Infinite fans have been able to jump into the game's online multiplayer component a month in advance, giving them plenty of time to check out the game modes, maps, and more. Halo Infinite players have thoroughly explored the game at this point, finding all kinds of interesting details and Easter eggs. The latest Easter egg discovered in the game has nothing to do with video games, and everything to do with Sesame Street.

The long-running, popular children's show Sesame Street has some representation in Halo Infinite through an Easter egg discovered by YouTuber xGarbett. On the Halo Infinite Streets map, players can find an alley that leads to some trashcans. If players ping the trashcans, they'll notice that they're designated as "Oscar's house." This is a nod to the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch, who lives inside a trashcan.


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Halo Infinite's multiplayer is just one part of the equation, though, and it seems likely that the campaign will have even more Easter eggs for fans to discover. Halo fans haven't had the chance to play through the campaign just yet, but it's already been revealed that the Halo Infinite campaign has a Craig Easter egg, in reference to the infamous Craig meme from the campaign's initial reveal trailer. One has to imagine that there are even more Easter eggs hiding in the game, but fans will have to wait for the full release to find out.

Thankfully, the Halo Infinite release date is right around the corner, so fans shouldn't have to wait all that much longer to hunt down more Easter eggs in the game. The Halo Infinite release date is pegged for December 8, which will mark the proper full release of the multiplayer mode as well the campaign, though fans will have to wait a little bit longer for some of the game's other planned features.

Later in 2022, Halo Infinite will get Forge mode, which will allow players to build maps and create their own custom content for the game. 2022 will also see the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign co-op, letting players go through the entire story with friends. These features were planned to be in Halo Infinite at launch, but 343 ultimately made the decision to push them back to a later date.

There's a lot to look forward to when it comes to Halo Infinite, but in the meantime, fans can keep playing the multiplayer. While they explore the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps, they should keep an eye out for more Easter eggs just in case.

Halo Infinite launches December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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