Gold is the most important resource in the Elder Scrolls games. In Skyrim Special Edition, players need gold to do just about anything in the game. Whether it's buying equipment, crafting materials, ingredients, or some useful potions, players need to have a decent stack of Septims. But earning gold is a long process that requires patience and hard work on the players' sides. At level one, players will be mostly ill-equipped for their journey ahead, having only acquired only the most basic gear the game has to offer. Thus, the Dragonborn will need large quantities of gold in order to buy better equipment.

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However, there's a quicker way to do this than conventional methods. By taking advantage of some glitches in Skyrim Special Edition, players can amass 1 million gold in just a few hours. To ensure the glitch works properly, players must make sure they do not have the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch installed.

Updated on November 26th, 2021 by Talha Bin Rizwan: In the world of Skyrim, players need gold to do just about anything. It is one of the most precious resources in the game that can be hard to accumulate. Players can complete a variety of tasks from completing quests, raiding dungeons, to straight-up stealing to acquire gold. At level 1, players will be equipped with very basic gear that is unsuitable for the journey ahead. They will need a large amount of gold to equip themselves with better weapons and armor that will allow them to face the challenges ahead. Acquiring vast amounts of gold can be tedious, but thanks to a glitch in the game, players can expedite the gold earning process and make upto 1 million gold in Skyrim in just under a few hours.

5 Go To Whiterun Gates

gates of the city of Whiterun from inside

First things first, players will need to get to Whiterun after they escape Helgen. This should be an easy task once the Dragonborn makes it to Riverwood. Simply follow the road out of Riverwood to get to the location. Once at the city, head to the city gates, enter, and make an immediate right straight into the alcove. Here, players will find a barrel which they need to jump on top of and position themselves slightly to the right, giving themselves some space from the wall.

Face the wall towards the gate and jump on it. Next, enter sneak mode and immediately start running out from between the gap in the roof and the wall. It's also possible walk in sneak mode on the wall and head towards the other side, where the gap is bigger.


4 Get To Dragonsreach From The Outside

Whiterun's Dragonsreach Keep In Skyrim

Once players clip through the wall, they will fall into a partially rendered area of Whiterun. Players must then keep close to the walls and make their way to Dragonsreach keep from the outside. Once they reach the area, they will find a few textures missing and will be able to see directly through the terrain. This area is navmeshed, meaning that players will be able to walk across it. Approach the wall and then turn left.

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One of the rocks next to the wall can be walked through, which will allow players to walk underneath the terrain. Be sure to save at this point, as the Dragonborn can fall through the terrain and be reset into the fully rendered Skyrim areas. Once the game is saved, walk forward and players will be able to see Eorlund Gray-Mane working at the Skyforge above them.

3 Jump And Open The Chest

Secret Chest Found Under Eorlund Grey-Mane's Forge

Players will see a chest underneath the area where Eorlund Gray-Mane is working. They must take care because this area is not properly navmeshed, meaning that the Dragonborn can fall through the terrain and be reset. Run towards this chest and jump the last few meters into the air. While falling, spam the interact key to open the chest. It may take a few tries to get it right.

If unsuccessful, players can simply reload the save that they made earlier. Once the chest is opened, loot everything inside, including a large sum of gold. After taking all of the items inside, fast travel back to Whiterun. From there, players can sell the items they took from the chest.

2 Repeat As Many Times As Necessary

Player Sells Custom Enchanted Item To A Merchant

Players can sell the items from the chests to the two blacksmiths and the general goods merchant in Whiterun. Merchants typically have a few thousand in gold to offer in exchange for the items which means players will have to talk to multiple merchants to sell all items. The items in the chest restock every 48 hours in-game time. This means players can wait and repeat the process again to earn the amount they need.

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It's possible to earn between 5,000 gold to 10,000 gold per cycle using this method. In just under an hour, a sizeable amount in gold can be amassed using this glitch. However, to speed up the process, players can also use other similar chests hidden in the game world. By using the glitch on these special chests, players can easily make up to 1 million gold in Skyrim in just over an hour.

1 Alternate Chest Locations

Players Look At Markarth Secret Chest


There's a much easier-to-find chest outside Markarth, the capital of the Reach. To get there, players can talk to the carriage driver outside Whiterun to take them to Markarth. Once they arrive at the location, players must follow the road leading out from the city until they reach a bridge, close to the Salvius Farm. Right next to the bridge, towards the left, they will find a small wall. Players must walk close to the wall, on the side facing the water, while looking at the ground.

They will find a prompt to open a chest as they do so. In case they do not get the prompt, players can go into the sneaking position and repeat while moving slowly. Inside, they will find contents similar to the ones in the chest in Whiterun. Players can then sell off the items to any of the blacksmiths and general goods merchants found in the various cities.

Outside Solitude

Another similar chest can be found in the hold of Haafingar, just outside Skyrim's capital city. Players can take the carriage to Solitude, and once at the location, make their way to the city gates but not enter. Instead, the player should turn about, facing directly in the opposite direction of the gates, and make their way down the path until they reach the ledge on their left. There will be three rocks near the edge of the ledge, and players must position themselves directly in front of the mid-sized rock. Enter sneak mode and slowly move directly forward while looking at the ground. Players will get a prompt to open a chest that can be looted.

Near Dawnstar Mine

Players can find another easy-to-locate merchant chest in the main city of Skyrim's Dawnstar hold. As soon as they arrive they must find the mine located in the city. Once they do so, players must position themselves while facing the mine entrance. They will spot a few rocks with some small trees on the left of the entrance which is where the chest is buried. Players must look down towards the ground and make their way to the location slowly and they will get the prompt to loot a chest. Provided they arrived at the right time, they can find the Khajiit caravan in town to whom they can sell all the items they have looted.

At The Blue Palace

The Blue Palace is located in Skyrim's capital city, Solitude, towards the south-eastern edge of the city. The chest is located inside the building in one of the hallways and to access it, players will need a platter. They can find one on the small table to the left which they can pick up by holding the interact key. Doing so will suspend the platter in the air in front of the players which they can move about. While holding the platter, players must go in the corridor to the left and locate the bench and then position the platter behind it so that it stays suspended up on the wall. Players must then sprint into the platter and clip through the walls into a partially rendered area. They must turn left, walk carefully onto the beam to the end where they will see a chest down below.

It is a good idea to save the game now as it will take a few tries to open the chest. Once done, players must simply walk off the edge and spam their interact key as they are falling while looking at the chest. If done correctly, they will be successful in opening the chest as they are falling and will be free to loot the items. This particular chest will have items suited for mages that players can either keep or sell back to the court wizard in exchange for gold.

This exploit yields up to 60,000 gold per cycle if players find and loot all the chests allowing them to become millionaires within the course of a few hours.

Skyrim was released on November 11th, 2011, and is available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch

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